Trademanza offers interesting games where the user has to create a portfolio by selecting few stocks. After that, their performance will yield the user points. By playing it daily, users will get in depth knowledge of investing and its basics by making use of the learning modules, news feed and trends of the stock. In the long run, 1 will develop the essential skill of a wise investor i.e. managing assets by investing at the right place. The coolest feature of the app is that you win real cash prizes in the process that can be withdrawn to your bank account within 24 hours.

We host 2 events on NSE on a trading day i.e. Monday to Friday excluding trading holidays:

  1. Event 1 is an Intra-day event that begins at 9:15 am and ends at 3:30 pm
  2. Event 2 is a post-lunch event that begins at 1:30 pm and ends at 3:30 pm

In every event, there are various paid and entry contests to earn cash and TM coins:

  1. Various paid entry contests to meet user’s risking taking abilities:
    1. Win Big: It is a fixed pool contest where top few shall be awarded with the maximum pooled amount, the reward to risk is higher.
    2. Guaranteed Winnings: It is an infinite pool contests where all the participants shall be rewarded
    3. Winner takes all: It is a fixed pool contest where winner shall be awarded with entire pool m1y
    4. Head to Head: These are contests with 2 participants and winner shall take the entire pool m1y

    All the contests are prorated and the winnings shall scale down in case of less participation. These contests can also be cancelled in case of lower turn-out

  2. Free entry contests where users can participate for free and earn TM coins. These coins can be converted into real cash by playing paid contest

Currently we have contests on NIFTY50 bullish, where user should predict NIFTY50 stocks that shall go up during the event. User can pick stocks based on:

  1. New updates posted on live markets
  2. Recent trend of stock by to tapping on it to get all the fundamental and technical data

Select the stock which you believe shall perform better among the 4. The trump shall yield you 2 time the points.

Click on create for successful creation of portfolio and then on participate, that’s it you have successfully joined a contest.
All you have to do is sit back and relax! Points gets updated with the movement of stocks in live markets and winners shall be announced after market close i.e. 3:30 pm

Reminder. Join the contests before the event’s start time

Currently, we host 2 events: 1 starts at 9:15 am and other at 1:30 pm. So participate in these events by joining contests with your favorite 4 stocks before the start time

Percentage swing of the stock during the time of the event i.e. start time and end time is calculated. Sum of percentage swings of all stocks with trump stock’s percentage swing added 2 times will give total points of your portfolio.

Percentage swing of stock = Current price of stock - Stock price at event start
Stock price at event start

For Example:Your Portfolio

Stock Open Close Percentage swing Points
Reliance 2000 2100 $${2100 - 2000 \over 2000} = +5 \% $$ 5
SBIN 400 420 $${420 - 400 \over 400} = +5 \% $$ 5
ITC(trump) 200 220 $${220 - 200 \over 200} = +10 \% $$ 2*10=20
ONGC 100 90 $${100 - 90 \over 100} = -10 \% $$ -10
Total: 20

The points get updated in live markets and henceforth the leaderboard