For the "Favorite 4 Stocks" contest, the user has to create a portfolio by picking 4 stocks, and select 1 among the 4 as trump that shall give the user 2X points. To know more, read "How to play"
The points of an individual stock is calculated by the percentage swing of the stock during the event time
Percentage swing of stock = Current price of stock - Stock price at event start
Stock price at event start
The percentage swing of all stocks in your portfolio added with trump’s percentage swing added 2 times. Know in detail with an example in "How to play"
Trump shall yield you double points. Let us say as per the Favorite 4 Stocks contest, we have given you x amount to invest. Then divide the X amount into 5 equal parts, 2 parts of wealth i.e. 2X/5 is allocated to trump stock and remaining 3 stocks are allocated X/5 each. This is how, the points for game is calculated. Learn to How to Play (link)
No. As of now, you are allowed to join a contest with a single portfolio
The total winnings amount that is allocated shall be shared equally among all the contestants
TM cannot be withdrawn. They can be used for playing paid contests
The winnings amount shown in the wallet can be withdrawn after successful updation and validation of KYC and bank details.
No. You can only make changes to your portfolio before the start of a contest from upcoming tab in my events
No. You can only join by submitting your portfolio before the event start time
Final scores and results shall be declared around 3:45 pm on the same day of the event.
At the moment it is not possible, you can create a new portfolio by adding again.
Not possible at the moment